International Development Division

The International Development Division is responsible for delivery of the university’s Global Influence Strategy including the recruitment of international students, the development of international partnerships and relationships which enhance the university’s global reputation and increase the quality and impact of our research.

The International Office

The International Office plan and implement recruitment activities overseas including supporting the production of key publications, attending events overseas, providing guidance on international qualifications and conducting pre-departure briefings. The team supports academic schools by sharing knowledge and providing information about the international market and manages the University’s international agent portfolio and relationships with key international government sponsors.

International Relations

The International Relations team is responsible for the support of Arrival and Welcome, Equity and Merit Scholarships, and sponsor engagement. The International Programmes Office part of the team promotes the positive and valuable experiences that studying abroad can deliver and encourage students to take the opportunity (if appropriate to their studies). They provide information, advice and guidance on the various programmes available and handle the administration of the Exchange, Erasmus and Study Abroad programmes.

The overall International team support the development and implementation of the Internationalisation Strategy.

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