Directorate for the Student Experience

DSE Health, Safety and Risk Committee

DSE Health, Safety and Risk Committee

The Directorate Health, Safety and Risk Committee is chaired by Dr Simon Merrywest, the Director of the Directorate for the Student Experience, and consists of:

  • Helen McGlashan, Director of Residential and Sport Services
  • Jane Ratchford, Director of Student Development and Community Engagement
  • Louise Walmsley, Director of Teaching and Learning Support Office
  • Richard Cotton, Director of Student Recruitment and International Development
  • Therese Reinheimer-Jones, Director of Campus Life
  • Sarah Beer, Director of Student Admissions and Administration
  • Sarah Gumusgoz, Directorate Health and Safety Officer
  • Paula Arnison, Administration and Operations Manager
  • University Safety Co-ordinator (by invitation)

The Committee takes place quarterly and reviews the Directorate Health and Safety Policy, ensures that best practice is highlighted and shared, reviews accident statistics and monitors compliance and risk.

The Directorate has a Health, Safety and Risk Plan that we work to throughout the year.

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