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The DSE Meeting Administrators' Toolkit

The aim of the DSE's Meeting Administrators' Toolkit is to help you run efficient and effective meetings and, where you are working outside the DSE, to represent the DSE to a high standard.

The following pages set out the DSE's principles for good meeting administration, and provide resources to help you to Prepare, Record and Follow Up your meetings.

Each page has a set of related downloadable resources (templates, examples etc).

Advice for New Meeting Administrators

There is lots of help within DSE for colleagues less-experienced in meeting administration. Use the List of Groups (see right) to identify and contact the secretary of a similar-level group to yours for advice. Don't hesitate to ask a Guru, they'll be delighted to help. If meeting administration is totally new to you, we recommend TBF11 Minutes, Meetings and Agendas, provided by the Staff Learning and Development Team.

Resources Downloadable from this Page

List of Groups

The DSE's Committee Agenda and Papers Working Group has compiled a list (summer 2015) of groups participated in or managed by DSE colleagues. These have been assigned to categories: University, PSS, DSE, Project Groups, Networks & Forums or External. Meetings at University Level are likely to be more formal than meetings at DSE Division Level (see below for more about formality).

Referring to the list will help you assess the level of formality you need to apply to your own meeting arrangements. You might also be surprised at the range and number of meetings that DSE staff get involved in!

UMSU Representation

Always think about whether your group would benefit from a student member and seek advice from the Directorate Office ( if you are not sure who or how to approach them. The download itemises UMSU Officers representation on formal committees in 2015-16.

DSE MAT: Principles

A printable pdf summarising the principles of meeting administration to be followed in the DSE.


Pansophix is set of downloadble guides provided by the Staff Learning and Development Team, including Meetings and Minute Taking. UoM credentials required.

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Obtain the correct version of The University logo here.


Meetings are held for a range of purposes and the purpose and status of your meeting will inform your approach and the level of formality you need.

Within the DSE 4 categories of meeting have been defined. If you're not sure which category your meeting falls into, check the list accessed from the Downloadable Resources box on the right of the screen.

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