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2018 Archive

(28 June 2018)
Our infographic gives a summary of the improvements to graduation powered by the SLP.

Getting to know the SLP Team: Carol Rowlinson
(27 June 2018)
Carol Rowlinson provides an update on how graduation will look in the future.

(25 June 2018)
The SLP will improve the way graduation ceremonies and receptions are run.

(22 June 2018)
We reveal how SLP will improve processes that support the road to graduation.

(19 June 2018)
Amy Barnett is one of our SLP Officers; read her 'getting to know' feature to learn more about her work for the SLP.

Process improvements: how we are acting on your feedback
(7 June 2018)
We're using an number of mechanisms to gather and respond to your feedback.

Introducing our new mitigating circumstances process
(4 June 2018)
Check out this useful infographic which summarises the new mitigating circumstances process which SLP will deliver

Business change and readiness for the new My Manchester
(30 May 2018)
The digital team in Bainbridge House is increasing the business readiness activity needed to make sure we can take advantage of new platforms.

More of your questions answered
(24 May 2018)
We respond to questions submitted by colleagues this month.

Getting to know the SLP team: Dan Perry
(16 May 2018)
Director of Business Change and Engagement is the first member of the SLP team to take part in our new 'getting to know' feature.

Your Questions, Answered
(1 May 2018)
Last month we gave colleagues the opportuntiy to ask questions about SLP anonymously throguh an online form. Here we respond to those questions, comments and pieces of feedback.

Beyond SLP: how innovation will shape the future of our University
(30 April 2018)
Dan Perry, the SLP's Director of Business Change and Engagement, discusses how innovation and digital trends could help shape the future of our University.

(26 April 2018)
Steve Dover reflects on his recent visit to the Philippines Delivery Centre, where SLP systems are being developed by a team of experts.

(25 April 2018)
Pete Morris provides an update on the next steps in the development of the new My Manchester.

(23 April 2018)
Staff Learning and Development (SL&D) team is offering colleagues the chance to find out how savvy they are and identify personal development to improve their digital capability.

5,000 staff to receive Student Lifecycle Project update
(16 April 2018)
Will Spinks and Simon Merrywest provided an update on the Project during April's CoreMunicate update, which is cascaded to the University's 5,000 PSS staff.

University of Sheffield's SLP team visit for best practice session
(13 April 2018)
The University of Sheffield's SLP team recently attended a best practice sharing session at our SLP offices here in Manchester.

How will the SLP make things simpler for academic colleagues?
(5 April 2018)
The SLP will provide significant process improvements for academics.

(3 April 2018)
The SLP Business Delivery Team are seeking comments, questions and observations on the key improvements proposed for the SLP's Initial Release.

Key potential process improvements announced
(28 March 2018)
We're pleased to announce some of the key process improvements that have been proposed to form part of the SLP's Initial Release in September 2019.

(9 March 2018)
Senior colleagues from across the University attended presentations on the requirements, changes and improvements captured during the SLP's Design and Discovery phase.

(27 February 2018)
The SLP is using SiteCore to create and display personalised digital services to students, offer-holders and staff users. Initially, SiteCore is being used to create the new My Manchester platform, into which the new digital services designed in the SLP will be built.

Campus Solutions: from 9.0 to 9.2
(23 February 2018)
The introduction of Campus Solutions 9.2 through the SLP's Initial Release will bring a number of improvements to our core student records system

Sophisticated student relationship management software to be rolled out across the University
(21 February 2018)
As part of the Student Lifecycle Project’s Initial Release in September 2019, new customer relationship management (CRM) software – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – will be introduced for use by teams across the University.

University colleagues to be updated on Project scope
(19 February 2018)
Senior colleagues from across the University will be updated on the scope of the SLP's Initial Release, and what could be delivered in the future, during the Scope Update.

Integration phase draws to a close for all but five student lifecycle areas
(16 February 2018)
Gaps and inconsistencies in proposed processes between areas have now been identified and fixed for most areas.

Work to continue on five student lifecycle areas
(13 February 2018)
Five areas of the student lifecycle are to benefit from additional time to complete the Project's Integration phase.

WATCH: February 2018 SLP Update
(2 February 2018)
Simon Merrywest (SLP Business Sponsor) and Dan Perry (Director of Business Change and Engagement) deliver an update on the Project.

Getting to know the SLP Team: Carol Rowlinson
(1 February 2018)
Seperate areas of the lifecycle are being brought back together to check for gaps and inconsistencies.

Graduation: improvements on the day
(25 January 2018)
Pete Morris, the SLP's Digital Lead, provides an update on development of the new My Manchester.

Scope of SLP's Initial Release to be confirmed during Scope Review stage
(25 January 2018)
During the Scope Review stage the SLP Executive Board will confirm which recommendations will be delivered as part of SLP's Initial Release in September 2019.

Getting to know the SLP Team: Amy Barnett
(23 January 2018)
Colleagues have returned to Bainbridge House as part of the Project's Integration phase.

SLP passes key milestone with completion of Design and Discovery phase
(22 January 2018)
After 6 months of collaboration between University colleagues and our third party partners Accenture, the Student Lifecycle Project’s Design and Discovery phase came to an end on Friday 19th January.

How could SLP improve the delivery of exams?
(14 January 2018)
Colleagues with expert exams knowledge collaborated through the Design and Discovery phase to review and propose potential improvements to the processes that sit behind the delivery of exams.

Get involved with the SLP Academic Group
(3 January 2018)
The success of the SLP is dependent on the continued involvement of academic staff.

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