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Business change and readiness for the new My Manchester

30 May 2018

As development progresses on the replacement for My Manchester and the new features, the digital team in Bainbridge House is increasing the business readiness activity needed to make sure we can take advantage of the new platforms.

Making changes to any system takes careful planning with those who are responsible for using it day-to-day. With a system as visible - and vital to students - as My Manchester, that planning becomes essential to maintaining access to services. Moreover, our aim is to make My Manchester better for users, by providing more personalised content and services, and to develop features more rapidly in the future.

That means working with communications teams responsible for planning and developing campaigns and content for students in My Manchester to create training and skills transfer plans to use the new Sitecore content management system (CMS). It also means developing new approaches and content strategies to take full advantage of the personalisation and automation available from the new system.

But it’s not just content teams; IT Services teams are also preparing to support and develop new platforms, and in new ways. The My Manchester project is creating an environment where teams can develop both the functional and technical skills needed to host, maintain, and develop services using Sitecore and My Manchester.

Looking beyond January 2019, the team is also working with colleagues across the University on how we can enhance other digital services for different user groups - such as staff and alumni - using the new tools and platforms.

If you’d like to know more about the work of the digital team, and see the services they are developing, contact Pete Morris:

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