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Campus Solutions: from 9.0 to 9.2

23 February 2018

CS 9.2 home page

The Campus Solutions 9.2 homescreen

The University will benefit from an upgraded student records system when Campus Solutions 9.2 is introduced as part of the Student Lifecycle Project’s Initial Release in September 2019.

Since its implementation by the University in 2004, Campus Solutions has been heavily customised to satisfy a broad spectrum of user requirements. The complexity and lack of consistency across the University has resulted in data quality and integrity issues that continue to grow and affect processes in Schools, Faculties and central services.

The result is a high burden of support effort, maintenance and upgrade costs – to maintain the existing Campus Solutions system with no improvements delivered would have cost £5million.

Campus Solutions 9.2 will have minimal customisations enabling us to easily implement future upgrades, an improved user interface, and integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and My Manchester, bringing a number of improvements, including:

  • A responsive design allowing users to easily navigate the system, regardless of whether they are accessing it from a computer or mobile device
  • Improved self-service components, with a re-designed home page and more personalised experience for users, who will be addressed by their preferred name
  • A Research Enrolment Tracking tool to support the admission, enrolment and evaluation of researchers through the lifecycle of their thesis and match research topics to academics or external organisations
  • A single area for students to manage their financial relationship with the University through a ‘My Finances’ section in My Manchester, in which all payments due from and to the University are listed in a single location
  • Self-service admissions task management tools, enabling applicants to request deferral, withdraw their application, upload documents, pay application fees and respond to offers simply and easily

More information

  • Detailed information about the improvements 9.2 will deliver, aimed at current users of Campus Solutions 9.0, can be found here.

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