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Development of new My Manchester reaches key milestone

‌25 April 2018

SLP Digital Lead, Pete Morris, gives an update on the development of the new My Manchester.

Prototype My Manchester profile design

With the core components of the replacement of My Manchester completed, the focus of the Digital team in Bainbridge House has now split into two areas. The first is the completion of the initial release of the new My Manchester, for students in January 2019. The second is the development of the features designed for release through SLP in September 2019.

Both pieces of work are being developed using common components, built in a common framework, and with a planned release schedule that is intended to enable regular releases of new functionality and features in the future.

The team has also been able to build services in a way that enables colleagues from across the University to maintain them through Sitecore - the new content management system. This will mean more maintenance and content updates can be managed by staff themselves, reducing the maintenance burden on IT Services.

The build schedule for the features being delivered through SLP in September 2019 is planned to link in with the other systems, Campus Solutions 9.2 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and includes a small amount of user experience and functional design work to make sure that the digital features and services coming out from the SLP have a consistent, and improved, experience for users. Senior colleagues from across the University who took part in the SLP’s Design and Discovery phase are involved in the final designs to ensure we continue to meet the expectations and requirements.

As the SLP enters its Ways of Working phase, the Digital team is also looking at the governance and business change needed to make the most of the new platform ahead of the initial release.

Prototype My Manchester timetable design

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