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3 January 2018

The future success of the SLP is dependent on the continued engagement of colleagues from right across the institution, including both PSS and academic staff. One of the many ways which academic colleagues are being involved in the Project is via the Academic Group, which has been set-up to be a bridge to facilitate discussions between the SLP and various interested groups of academics.

The discussions vary, from specific business processes, to business model changes, to implementation as the project develops, but this group is there to represent both the interests of SLP to academics around the University and to represent the interests of academics to the SLP, as well as support in the communication flow between the two.

Membership of the group is as follows:

  • SLP Academic Group Chair: Delia Vazquez, Senior Lecturer in Retail Marketing
  • SLP Steering Group: Simon Rowland, Professor of Electrical Materials
  • SLP Steering Group: Matthew Lambon-Ralph, AVP Research and Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Humanities PGR Rep: Steve Jones, PGR Director for the School of Environment, Education and Development
  • Humanities T&L Rep: Fiona Smyth, Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students
  • FSE PGR Rep: Matthias Heil, Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • FSE T&L Rep: Andrew Horn, Professor of Chemical Education
  • BMH PGT Rep: Phil Padfield, Postgraduate Taught Director
  • BMH T&L Rep: Gillian Wallis, Vice Dean Teaching, Learning and Students
  • BMH PGR Rep: Melissa Westwood, Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research
  • SLP Business Delivery Team: Dan Perry, Director of Business Change and Engagement
  • SLP Business Delivery Team: Ben Heppenstall, Head of Business Change and Engagement
  • SLP Business Delivery Team: Gareth Hughes, Engagement Officer and Group Secretary

If you have any specific academic SLP enquiries, please don’t hesitate to send any questions and feedback to

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