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How we’ll make the road to graduation smoother

22 June 2018

During the SLP’s Design and Discovery stage, graduation workshops were held with colleagues from Schools within each of the three Faculties and the central graduation team. They collaborated with Campus Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics systems experts, as well as our partners Accenture and were asked – starting with a blank piece of paper… what processes would be put in place to support the road to graduation?

The workshop considered all of the processes required for the end-to-end journey, right from identifying the students eligible to graduate, to the ceremonies themselves and the receptions that follow.

Thanks to the expertise of those involved in the workshops we identified what currently works well and what doesn’t and collectively designed processes that will make things better for students and simpler for staff. For example:

  • Over successive years students have fed back to say that they get confused by the graduation registration process, particularly as there are separate registration processes for graduation ceremonies and receptions, which can vary between Schools. The SLP with deliver one online registration process for both the graduation ceremony and reception via the new My Manchester. Combining registration for both events will make registration simpler for students as they won’t have to remember to register in two separate places.

  • Registration will open months earlier and staff in the central graduation team will be able to forecast the expected number of graduands much earlier than at present. This means students will know when they are graduating much earlier - particularly beneficial to international and distance learning students and their guests.

  • There are a number of specific roles for PSS and academic staff to undertake during graduation ceremonies including seating guests, presenting and being in the procession. Currently the central graduation team and School based staff don’t have a clear way to see which staff will be undertaking which role. The process of allocating roles happens manually, which incurs a significant amount of effort and sometimes is only finalised a few weeks before graduation takes place. To address this, the SLP will introduce a sign-up process in the new My Manchester for academics and PSS staff to sign up for roles. Staff will then be sent an email inviting them to complete relevant online training based on their training record and experience in the role, so staff will not have to repeat training they have received previously.

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