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24 May 2018

Colleagues can provide feedback and comments on the SLP through our anonymous online survey tool. We respond monthly. Here are our responses to the comments we've received over the past month:

PGR Admissions: will applicants be able to state two supervisors on the on-line form (currently it is just one)?

Yes. They can select up to three, which they can rank in order of preference.

Will a PDF copy of the offer letter be available? If so, where will it be held?
Yes. Staff will be able to see copies of the letters in Campus Solutions 9.2.

Start of year communications: can original doc check for tier 4 be done as part of the international check-in? The current two processes cause confusion, especially with the similarity in the names of the two processes?
The new qualification check process has been designed to be part of international check in, subject to being able to handle the volume of work.

Will there be improvements to the course publishing module on Campus Solutions?
A range of requirements related to publishing information to the corporate website were captured during the Design and Discovery phase, including areas of potential improvement. A solution will be delivered as part of the Project but the timescales for this have not yet been determined.

Offer holder: will offer holders be notified when they have accepted an offer via email? Some offer holders now contact us to double check that their acceptance has been recorded.
Direct entry applicants will manage and track their applications through the new My Manchester. They will accept their offers in here and receive on screen confirmation when this has been done.

Visiting students: we have different types of visiting students (visiting PhD, exchange PG, visiting students from other NWDTC partners) - how will these be catered for?
We are assuming that this question relates to admissions. The online application form will include versions with sections specific to visiting students and those applying to incoming study abroad programmes. Relevant student record data will be captured from collaborative partners through other mechanisms and uploaded into Campus Solutions. Whether an application form is used or not will depend on the type of visiting student and the type of programme they are being admitted to or will study on.

Evaluation Management System: does this mean that the Student Document Centre will not be used? How will admissions tutors (thinking specifically of PhD) refer applications to other academic colleagues who are required to assess application before a decision is confirmed
The Student Document Centre will be replaced by a new SharePoint document management system (DMS). PSS colleagues will access the DMS from Campus Solutions from the Maintain Applications screen. Academic colleagues will be able to access documents from the Evaluation Management System.

Offer/decision making: will we be able to add bespoke information into the offer template for different plans (eg if the deadline to accept is different)? Also can offers also go to the applicant as well as the agent?
Yes. Colleagues will be able to add bespoke text to offer templates. There will also be the option to have programme or plan specific deadlines for acceptance. During Design and Discovery we captured the requirement to notify applicants as well as agents but there is on-going work to finalise how agents will manage applications.

Applicant response: will PSS staff be notified when an applicant has uploaded additional admissions information?
There will be mechanisms whereby PSS staff can see that an applicant has uploaded additional documents. The details of the solution are being designed, it may be by the use of a query or change of status in a checklist item.

Tier 4 students; if applicants manage their own draft CAS, does this now do away with the need for any CAS proformas?
CAS proformas will be reviewed in the light of changes to Tier 4 processes to be delivered by the SLP.

Student Finance: as visiting PHD fees are prorata (depending on the length of visit)how will this fee be added to it?
There will be a monthly fee for visiting PhD students which can then be calculated dependent on the length of the visit.

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