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My Manchester update: My Progress, My Requests and the Teaching Hub

17 September 2018

We capture hundreds of data points about students across their lifecycle: details like course units, progression milestones, assessments and grades. But students – whether taught or research – can be overwhelmed with the information, and confused by the multiple places in which they need to access it.

How can we better use students’ data to support their core journey through the University? One way is by bringing the most useful data together in one place, and provide contextual support and guidance. As part of SLP, we’ve designed the My Progress dashboard for students to do just that.

My Progress dashboard

Taught students will be able to see vital details about their in-progress and completed course units, including details of assessment types and deadlines, along with assessment and course unit grades once they are ratified and made available. They’ll have better access to their Academic Advisor, including a clear way to contact them. Support content is provided within the same page, enabling teaching and learning support materials to be targeted at specific cohorts, at particular times of the year – for example revision support ahead of exams, or tailored content for distance learners.

Undergraduates will also have access to their Stellify Award progress tracker, which shows them which awards and achievements they have already completed towards their Stellify Award, alongside any other achievements that will be recorded on the Higher Education Achievement Report.

PGRs will also have a new My Progress dashboard, replacing eProg. Details of upcoming and recently completed progress tasks will be presented as they become available to them, whilst also providing an overall view of their research programme. Any taught course units are displayed alongside, with the same level of detail available as for taught students. As more details about their thesis becomes available during their programme, a highlighted section becomes available to provide the detail they need at a glance.

My Requests dashboard

For when things don’t go to plan, and students want to make a request to the University – for example to request a change of circumstances, make an appeal or manage a new visa application – we’ve created a single, consistent My Requests dashboard where they can track and manage these cases. Improved, simplified online forms create cases in My Requests, and students can then check the status of their cases without having to contact the University. Any actions – such as providing further supporting documentation – are all handled through My Requests, meaning our students don’t have to track and manage issues in multiple communications channels.

Teaching Hub for academics

Support is further enhanced through the new Teaching Hub for academics, which provides a simple and quick way for Academic Advisors, course unit leaders and class instructors to see details of the students for whom they’re responsible.

My Progress screenshots

The My Progress screen gives taught students an overview of their current and completed course units; their Stellify acheivements; contact details of their academic advisor; and a link to their programme handbook:

My Progress taught

Research students have an enhanced My Progress screen which displays information about their thesis and supervisor; links to outstanding and recently completed tasks related to progression; and tailored links depending on their situation:

My progress research

When a research student clicks in to an outstanding progression activity, they will be taken to the relevent area of My Manchester, in this case to submit their thesis:

Thesis submission for research

My Requests screenshots

The My Requests dashboard gives students an at-a-glance overview of their ongoing cases:

My Requests overview

Students will be notified if additional documents are required to progress a case. When they upload the documents, their case handler will be notified, and receive the documents, automatically:

Additional documents required

Students will be notified of the outcome of their case, along with any next steps required:

Request accepted

Teaching Hub screenshots

The Teaching Hub gives academics an overview of their timetabled teaching activity; the students and advisees they are responsible for; tasks and requests allocated to them; and course units they lead or teach on:

Teaching Hub overview

Staff can view details about their students and advisees:

My students view

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