Directorate for the Student Experience

SiteCore chosen as SLP's preferred content management system

27 February 2018

The Student Lifecycle Project is using SiteCore as a content management system (CMS) to create and display personalised digital services to students, offer-holders and staff users. Initially, SiteCore is being used to create the new My Manchester platform, into which the new digital services designed in the SLP will be built.

There are a number of reasons SiteCore was selected as the technology for the SLP digital services, including:

  • Detailed personalisation features that will immediately be available for use, enabling us to build tailored experiences across the portal and target users at a very fine level.
  • Better experience for content editors, including inline text editing and workflows that will make it simpler for staff to edit and update My Manchester.
  • Integrations with the other SLP systems, especially MS Dynamics 365, making it easier to develop more personalised and consistent experiences using users’ data.
  • Component-based development that means we can quickly and more economically create new services using an ever-expanding library of components and features.

The new digital services will be released to students, offer-holders and some staff in September 2019 as part of the SLP and will represent a change in the digital experience of interacting with the University. Development will continue after the initial release, with an improved capability within the University to build new digital services for all users in a more consistent way.

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