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SLP walk University of Manchester Worldwide colleagues through new systems and processes

24 September 2018

Colleagues from the University of Manchester Worldwide (UMW) recently attended a walkthrough of the SLP solution for the delivery of online, blended and transnational education.

UMW was formed in August 2017 to extend our University’s distinctive world leading education to a much wider audience by giving students the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere. The UMW team in Manchester work with the University’s international centres to support a number of functions from course development, marketing, recruitment and admissions, through course delivery.

Colleagues attending the UMW walkthrough were shown how the new systems and processes designed by SLP will accommodate the needs of programmes delivered via UMW and helped to identify opportunities for future releases of SLP.

Particular areas of focus included:

  • Admissions: the postgraduate taught sections of the new dynamic, online application form were reviewed; the new My Manchester for offer holders was presented including the ability for applicants to upload documents which are automatically matched to their records; and colleagues were shown how Campus Solutions 9.2 can generate bespoke offer letters with fees in other currencies should this be a legal requirement of operation in a particular country
  • Academic registration: attendees were walked through the registration process, including once per-programme academic registration, automated matriculation based on programme start date, and the new area of My Manchester which allows students to keep their personal details up to date throughout their course of study
  • Financial registration and My Financials: financial registration and the My Financials area of My Manchester were presented, including the ability for students view the history of their financial accounts and pay per course unit and it was agreed that further work would be undertaken to enable students to make payments in other currencies if required; attendees were also walked through the solution for sponsor letters, which will be uploaded by students through the new My Manchester and matched to their records
  • Student record management: the process for managing programme changes, such as changes from certificate to diploma to master’s, was considered. It was noted that this is a more complex process than the current 9.0 process and so a suggestion was made that a progressive master’s programme/plan might help to reduce the number of programme changes. Further consideration of these issues is required before a final decision is made. An approach to interruptions was also discussed, with an agreement that most modular programmes would be added to Campus Solutions 9.2 for their full potential duration (ie. up to 5 years) to avoid the need for staff to extend or reduce the length of programme more than is necessary
  • Programme and course unit set up: colleagues were shown how functionality within Campus Solutions 9.2 allows acadmic plans to be jointly tagged to UMW and the respective school
  • Graduation: the dates and times of the graduation ceremonies and receptions that take place in Manchester will be announced months earlier than at present, which is particularly beneficial for students on UMW programmes, the vast majority of whom are based outside of Manchester or even the UK; attendees were shown the graduation reception screens in My Manchester

Over the coming months there will be further opportunities for colleagues involved with distance and learning programmes to learn about the Student Lifecycle Project. Sign up to the SLP newsletter to be the first to find out about these opportunities.

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