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Sophisticated student relationship management software to be rolled out across the University

21 February 2018

Mit circs dynamics 648

Example Dynamics 365 case management screen

As part of the Student Lifecycle Project’s in September 2019, new customer relationship management (CRM) software – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – will be introduced for use by teams across the University.

For the first time we’ll have a single institutional CRM system, integrated with Campus Solutions 9.2 and My Manchester, enabling us to effectively and efficiently manage all interactions with our students, from their initial enquiry right through to graduation.

The software brings particularly exciting opportunities for our student recruitment and marketing colleagues.

During the SLP’s stage, Head of UK/EU Student Recruitment Bernard Strutt explained how functionality within Dynamics 365 will enable us to deliver targeted and segmented marketing campaigns, significantly improved offer holder communications, new processes to better manage our relationship with international agents, and more effective ways of supporting recruitment and conversion campaigns across the University.

But Dynamics 365 won’t just improve the staff experience for our marketing and recruitment colleagues. It will be rolled out to teams across the University, delivering:

  • Individual profiles for each student, containing a full history of their interactions with the University, including events and appointments they have attended and all communications sent to or received from the University from their first enquiry with the recruitment team through to their graduation
  • Defined user access roles to ensure staff only see data relevant to their role, building in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • The ability to quickly and easily send tailored communications to specific groups of students at specific times, reducing the number of unnecessary, untimely or duplicated messages
  • A personalised, responsive user interface through which staff will be notified of outstanding tasks and useful data, specific to their role
  • Sophisticated case management tools, making it much easier for case handlers to monitor and track the progress of large numbers of cases initiated by students through My Manchester at different times, and automating associated communications to students
  • Full integration with the complete suite of Microsoft Office products including Outlook, meaning calendar appointments, to-do lists and sent and received emails are automatically synced.

All of these features of Dynamics – and the others confirmed during the SLP Scope Update – will be delivered through our Initial Release in September 2019, following a significant staff training programme. We’ll be able to introduce additional functionality, such as predictive analytics, through future releases of the SLP in 2020 and beyond.

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