Directorate for the Student Experience

Spotlight on PGR: rationalisation and simplification of progression, assessment and attendance forms

13 October 2018

The Manchester Doctoral College (MDC) has oversight of all postgraduate research (PGR) training and researcher development across our University. This includes oversight of the University’s framework for PGR progression, attendance monitoring and assessment.

As part of the Student Lifecycle Project, the system used to manage these processes, eProg, will be replaced with a new SLP solution. A significant piece of work to rationalise and simplify some of the processes, milestones and forms has been undertaken by an MDC working group alongside the Student Lifecycle Project.

The main focus of this working group has been on standardising and simplifying over 500 forms used across the University to record and review PGR progression, attendance and assessment, with the aim of distilling these down to around 50-100. Currently, different Programmes, Schools and Faculties capture the same information in different ways, resulting in an inconsistent experience for students, inconsistent workloads for staff, and challenges with consistent data reporting.

A working group has been established consisting of postgraduate research representatives from central, Faculty and School teams, and so far the group has:

  • Agreed standardised content for core MDC forms for progression, attendance and assessment
  • Streamlined these by identifying common forms across Faculties and assigning priority to individual forms
  • Worked with Faculties and Schools to gather a list of forms used for local, Faculty, School or programme-specific milestones

The next stage will be to agree standardised content for local forms which operate in all Faculties and to work with Faculty and School teams to agree forms which operate at School or programme level.

Once the SLP launches, students and supervisors will track progression and complete forms for milestones through the new My Manchester and CRM system. An overview of some of the new features of My Manchester, including the teaching hub and My Progression dashboard can be found here.

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