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Spotlight on admissions: direct entry application form and My Manchester for offer holders

23 July 2018

Through the new technologies introduced by the Student Lifecycle Project, we will begin to meet the increased expectations students demand from digital services, and use the same technological advancements to make things simper for staff.

Improvements begin at the start of the student journey and include a new direct entry application form and extending the new, personalised and responsive My Manchester to our offer holders.

Direct entry application form

There are currently over 60 ways to apply across the University, leading to an inconsistent experience for applicants. The Student Lifecycle Project will introduce a dynamic online application form for direct entry applicants. Key benefits include:

  • Tailored questions: the form will capture a standard set of data from all applicants, including contact details, residency information and English language proficiency. In some sections logic will be used to display only relevant questions e.g. different questions will be displayed to applicants depending on their response to questions about their nationality and residency.
  • Automated reference requests: once an application form is submitted, the applicant’s referee(s) will be contacted automatically and asked to provide a reference in a secure digital area
  • Ranking supervisors: questions for postgraduate research students will flexible and could be used for student-determined study, specific projects and Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) programmes. If an applicant is required to request a supervisor, they will have the option to pick three and rank them in order of preference

My Manchester for offer holders

Currently, offer holders have no single digital platform through which they can interact with the University. They are often forced to interact with a number of different systems and services in order to complete essential tasks. And the digital journey is not optimised for the variety of devices used by our offer holders, forcing them into unfamiliar or inappropriate interfaces. Rolling out the new My Manchester will help us to address these issues. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced personalisation: content in the new My Manchester can be tailored based on the data we hold in Campus Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other University systems, so we can provide the right content, services and messages at the right time, for the right person – for example, we’ll know if an offer holder needs a tier 4 visa and can display articles giving advice from the student immigration team
  • Improved conversion: giving offer holders access to our digital environment will mean we can present them with targeted and segmented conversion communications more quickly and easily than at present
  • Smoother experience: offer holders will be able to get things done quickly and easily from the palm of their hand – replying to offers, uploading documents, and managing CAS’s will all form part of the new My Manchester, reducing the number of queries colleagues receive

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