Directorate for the Student Experience

Why do we need to change?

Our vision is for The University of Manchester to be one of the leading universities in the world. To achieve this, our systems and processes must be of the highest quality so that we can deliver an outstanding learning and student experience.

However, staff and students tell us that systems and processes need to be improved:

  • “Course unit selection is far too complicated and clunky” – Final year undergraduate
  • “We have no reliable system… currently academic advisement has to be done eye by eye, checking exam grids for our own students and class rosters for students from other Schools” – School course unit selection support staff
  • “The 10-step registration process is confusing and remains so every year” – Final year undergraduate
  • “It is time consuming to input attendance information in to Campus Solutions from attendance registers” – School administrator
  • “The process of Campus Solutions and Syllabus Plus data entry is inefficient, complicated, and difficult to support” – central timetabling administrator

We will address these concerns through the SLP by reviewing our systems and processes so that we can deliver, through new ways of working and upgraded IT infrastructure, a consistent, exceptional and highly personalised learning experience to students, regardless of their mode of study.

These changes will be supported by the introduction of the new My Manchester which will help us to deliver the world-class digital experience expected from today’s students.

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