Directorate for the Student Experience

SL4 - Central Administration Process

Product Owners

Workstream Scope

The scope starts from matriculated students and covers current student non-academic administrative processes.

  • responsible for the completion of academic registration
  • responsible for financial registration
  • International Check-in processes
  • visa check and send
  • Confirmation of Acceptance of Study processes for continuing students
  • immigration compliance for students
  • change of applicant and student data requiring verification (name, legal sex)
  • student document issue (confirmation of attendance, confirmation of tuition fees, council tax exemption, bank letters)
  • face to face delivery services (e.g. Student Services Centre, pre-sessional student registration, September registration)
  • student card issue – on campus and off campus students
  • use of ‘suspension’ status for students who fail to comply with registration and immigration requirements.

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