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Organising Welcome and induction takes the work of hundreds of colleagues right across the University. But even if you're not directly involved in planning and delivering activities, you still have an important part to play in new students' experiences during September.

Last year, a record number of staff contributed to our warm welcome by donning their AskMe badges and preparing to help our students. But AskMe is about more than simply wearing a badge on your shirt; It's about recognising that how you respond to our students can have a big impact on their time in Manchester. And the first few days are crucial.

Find out from our students why AskMe is so important:

Will you support our students in their first weeks of a new degree? It could make more difference than you think.

Need a badge

Still don't have an AskMe badge (or you lost it and were too ashamed to admit it)? Don't worry. Badges have been distributed to key contacts around the University. Try asking around in your department to see who has yours.

If you can't get hold of one, just get in touch and we'll get one to you. Just email:

If you would like to wear an additional badge stating that you speak another language too, let us know via the email above.

Sign up to become an AskMe ambassador

Are you are passionate about helping students? Do you want to make a difference to the student experience? We need as many people as possible to get involved as Ask Me ambassadors.

Sign up to receive more information about how to prepare to be an AskMe ambassador, and to receive regular updates about Welcome and what's going on for new students.

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