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The Staff Survey plays a key role in the development of our Directorate and Wellbeing was identified as one of the key areas in the DSE Staff Survey Action plan 2017, picking up on the following results:

  • 56% of people feel they have had to put in extra time in the last 12 months to meet the demands of their workload
  • 91% feel stressed at work (Always, Frequently, Occasionally)

Throughout the DSE staff survey results, a number of comments highlighted that staff felt their overall wellbeing could be improved and this would help them to feel valued in the workplace. Comments also indicated there needs to be better access to wellbeing initiatives and activities.

To help address this the DSE has established a group of Wellbeing Champions to focus on developing and promoting wellbeing activities to staff within the Directorate.

The aim of the network is to improve wellbeing awareness, cascade wellbeing advice and event information, and help the DSE to develop future initiatives that will create healthier, more motivated and more productive employees.

The Wellbeing Champions’ aims are:

  • To support long-lasting good health, happiness and purpose for our colleagues.
  • Identify opportunities to improve wellbeing across the Directorate.
  • To promote the wellbeing agenda and support our employees to work towards being sustainable themselves.

Ways in which the Wellbeing Champions hope to achieve this include:

  • Promotion of the Manchester Six Ways to Wellbeing framework
  • Embed the Six ways to wellbeing in all activities and communications.
  • Engaging with staff to ask them how they feel should Wellbeing should be improved.
  • Deliver a Wellbeing induction to all new starters.

It is important to note that a Staff Wellbeing Champion will not take the place of specialist support services such as Occupational Health and the Counselling Service. Rather they can advise on where a colleague can access wellbeing services.

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