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In July 2015, Professor Clive Agnew, Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students, commissioned a project to:

  • Create a way of communicating the University-wide opportunities available to all University of Manchester students;
  • Explore what is distinctive about an undergraduate degree from The University of Manchester;
  • Explore whether delivering a new Award is an important element of The Manchester Advantage.

Stellify is the result of that work.

What is Stellify?

Stellify is our package of activities that guides students to develop the distinctive attributes of a University of Manchester graduate. Through Stellify, we're encouraging our students to consider the opportunities they get involved with, and helping them to see how these activities will develop their skills and experiences.

We are distinctive within the British higher education sector for our commitment to social responsibility. Evidenced in research through our five Research Beacons, we’re also seeking to make it more obvious in our teaching and learning opportunities.

Stellify supports students to develop the attributes of a University of Manchester graduate by encouraging them to take part in activities linked to five points of action:

  • Learn without boundaries
  • Understand the issues that matter
  • Make a difference
  • Step up and lead
  • Create your future

Find out more about Stellify in our Frequently Asked Questions section

Programme governance

Stellify and the STELLIFY Award are outcomes of The Manchester Advantage project, commissioned by Professor Clive Agnew, Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students.

The work is led by the Stellify Implementation group:

Jane Ratchford, Director of Student Development and Community Engagement - Chair
Dr Christine Rogers, Associate Vice-Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Students, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Sciences
Christopher Bamford, Deputy Head of Student Operations, School of Health Sciences
Dr Thea Cameron-Faulkner, Associate Vice-Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Students, Faculty of Humanities
Abigail Robinson, Teaching and Student Support Manager, School of Law
Dr Stephen Pettifer, Associate Vice-Dean for Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Adrian Jarvis, Senior Project Officer, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Terry Hudghton, Director of Communications and Marketing
Paul Chapman and Ben Ward, Students' Union
Alex Tayler, General Secretary, Students' Union
Paul Govey, Head of Student Communications and Marketing
Tammy Goldfeld, Head of the Careers Service
Helen McGlashan, Director of Residential Services
Colette Cooke, Deputy Director, Student Development and Community Engagement
Lindsay Gilbert, Volunteering & Community Engagement Manager - Secretary

If you have any questions about Stellify, the STELLIFY Award, or the wider work of the Stellify Implementation Group, please email

Programme strands

The Stellify programme consists of three interconnected pieces of work:

  • Stellify communications and marketing: Engaging stakeholders - primarily current and prospective students - with the aims of Stellify, the five distinctive attributes of a Manchester graduate, and the activities they can take part in;
  • Review of the Higher Education Achievement Report: Building on the HEAR to develop a meaningful tool for students to track their progress and make decisions about their development while at Manchester;
  • STELLIFY Award: Ensuring that the activities and opportunities that make up the Award meet a standard expected of a prestigious University award while remaining open and accessible to every undergraduate who chooses to take part.

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