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Ambitious Futures graduate starts SLP student engagement placement

7 November 2018

This month, a new member of the Student Lifecycle Project team, Kelly Dalton, has been focusing on student engagement during the early stages of her placement.

Kelly joins the team as part of Ambitious Futures, a graduate scheme for university leadership. Through this, graduates are allocated to three, six month placements at two universities. The scheme is set up to invest in a graduate’s career development and expose them to a range of different business areas and work cultures in Higher Education through their rotational placement programme.

The aim for this first placement at the University of Manchester is to culminate in a feature being designed and released through a future version of My Manchester, additional to the designed scope of SLP, to provide additional value to the experience of our students.

To ensure the feature designed at the end of this process is relevant and will be useful to students at the University, Kelly will be engaging closely with students throughout her placement.

Engagement kicked off earlier this month with Kelly working closely with the Students Union’ Insightful Students group, the Student Communication and Marketing Team’s Student Insight Group, Faculty communications leads and the Young Person’s Forum, culminating in two student engagement workshops. These deep dived in to some of the issues students face during their time at University.

Commenting on the workshops, Kelly said: “These sessions were incredibly valuable; from a business standpoint, they provided an up to date reflection of the services provided across the University and where these may require improvement.

“From a Student Lifecycle Project perspective, it is clear to see where current issues will be resolved by the improved systems and processes SLP will deliver. From the student’s perspective, many commented that they enjoyed the session and appreciated the space to feedback their opinions.

“Moving forward, this feedback will be analysed and shared with relevant University departments as well as used to inform the development of a new feature in My Manchester.”

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