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Process improvements: how we are acting on your feedback

7 June 2018

In March 2018 we shared process improvements proposed for the SLP’s Initial Release. Since then, we’ve used a number of mechanisms to gather feedback on these proposals, including:

  • Continuous engagement with the product owners for each student lifecycle area
  • Scope Update sessions attended by senior Professional Support Services (PSS) and academic colleagues
  • Integration sessions, where all processes were brought back together and reviewed by colleagues who work in a wide range of student facing roles
  • Consultation with the SLP Academic Group
  • A series of presentation to networks, committees and groups across the Schools and Faculties
  • Additional workshops with subject matter experts on programme enrolment and activity management

Through these mechanisms, a total of 316 processes out of the 4,000 identified during Design and Discovery will now be reviewed to ensure the best outcomes are delivered when the SLP goes live.

Dan Perry, SLP Director of Business Change and Engagement said:

“I’d like to thank the many academic and PSS colleagues who have provided open and honest feedback on our proposed process improvements over the past few months. It has been heartening to hear how colleagues will use new processes and systems to deliver a better a student and learning experience.

“It has also been incredibly useful to identify processes which need more work, because by identifying and fixing these now, we can maximise the success of the SLP’s Initial Release.

“A dedicated team of staff are now revisitng 316 processes.

“This may sound like a lot, but over 4,000 processes were mapped as part of SLP, and 250 of the 316 defects have already been resolved, with the rest on track for resolution by the end of June.”

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