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Spotlight on start of year: registration

27 August 2018

It is important for our University that all students complete registration, not just to protect fee revenue but to ensure that we are complaint with immigration regulations and can properly report on our student numbers. So, at the start of each academic year, new and returning students are required to follow both academic and financial registration processes in order to become a member of the University and access the full range of our services.

Currently, students are asked to reconfirm their personal details and answer a series of questions which we already the answer to – for example, we ask students year after year what their highest qualification on entry was, but we already know this.

Through SLP we are significantly simplifying academic registration through the new My Manchester. We will remove the unnecessary confirmation of attendance step, and open registration up to offer holders who have met all of their conditions and applicants who have been matriculated, giving us another tool to forecast intake numbers. We’ll no longer ask students things that we already know about them from their application. Most importantly, students will only have to complete academic registration once, at the start of their programme. Regular reminders will be surfaced through the new My Manchester so we remain confident that personal details are kept up to date.

We’re also making financial registration much better for students by introducing a new area of My Manchester called ‘My Finance’. Here, students will be able to make payments for tuition and accommodation fees at any time, set up direct debits, update their bank details, check when payments are due to or from them and view their financial history, just like through online banking.

Improvements to our reporting capabilities will mean that staff are able to track students’ progress through every stage of registration, making it much easier to identify which students need to complete which elements in the run up to deadlines. This should mean that more students complete registration and make payments on time. A new policy is currently being drafted to introduce a process of suspending students from study where financial registration hasn’t been completed within the required time period.

These improvements combined will significantly reduce the number of queries received by staff at the start of year, make it easier for us to comply with immigration and reporting regulations, and improving the experience of our students.

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