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Spotlight on start of year: self service documents

14 August 2018

At various points throughout their journey with us, students may be required to obtain official documentation from the University. This could be a letter to confirm their attendance, the payment of their fees or that they are exempt from council tax payments. Through SLP, we are simplifying this process so students can get the documents they need at the touch of a button.

Currently, when a student requests a document, in most cases they have to go in person to a registration venue or the Student Services Centre, where the letter is produced individually as required, physically printed and handed to the student. At peak points during the year, students often have to queue for long periods of time to obtain these documents. For example, in September 2016, 3,887 students requested 5,500 bank letters, each of which was printed.

The self-service possibilities designed through the SLP will make it much easier for students to access the documents they need. They will be able to log on to the new My Manchester, and download, print or share copies of confirmation documents and letters for several different banks. In addition, a new ‘click and collect’ service will be created for council tax exemption and confirmation of fees letters.

Commenting on the changes, Sarah Beer, Director of Student Admissions and Administration said: “These changes will result in a significant improvement to the student experience. By taking this process online through the new My Manchester, students will be able to get their documents more quickly, at a time of their choosing, and queuing times will be reduced. This will be particularly beneficial at the start year period as it will reduce the number of temporary staff needed and free up other staff to focus on more value adding activities”.

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