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Spotlight on admissions: Right to Study Check and online CAS process

18 July 2018

In order to comply with immigration regulations, our international applicants are required to complete additional processes throughout their admissions journey. These can often be time consuming for colleagues involved and frustrating for applicants, increasing anxiety at an already stressful time.

So, during the SLP’s Design and Discovery period, admissions and student immigration colleagues collaborated to create a new Right to Study Check and improved CAS processes which will reduce staff workload, improve the applicant experience and deliver greater compliance with immigration regulations.

Right to Study Process Overview

Right to Study Check

Four months before the programme start date, the Right to Study Check will begin. All applicants who hold an unconditional offer for a programme delivered on campus will be asked to complete a questionnaire in the new My Manchester. The results will be used to group applicants by immigration status. All applicants, apart from those who have funding from the Student Loans Company (SLC), will be asked to upload a copy of their passport. The copy will be stored securely in accordance with relevant data protection legislation.

CAS production

Applicants identified through the Right to Study Check as requiring a Tier 4 visa will then have their draft CAS created. They will be notified automatically once this has been done and asked to login to the new ‘My CAS’ area of My Manchester to approve their CAS or request an amendment. If an amendment is requested, colleagues will be notified automatically and applicants can track progress by logging in to ‘My CAS’. Once the CAS has been sent to the UKVI and a CAS number has been received, the applicant will be notified automatically and given advice on what to do next.

Why make these changes?

  • Automation of a number of CAS processes will reduce workload for PSS colleagues
  • Applicants will receive tailored immigration guidance, based on their immigration status, much earlier than at present
  • Requiring applicants to upload copies of their passports (unless the SLC has verified their citizenship) will increase compliance with immigration legislation and allow us to correct errors with applicants’ names at an earlier stage
  • Earlier identification and verification of offer holders who have alternative immigration permission
  • Applicants will be notified automatically when the status of their CAS changes and can check progress themselves in the new ‘My CAS’ area of My Manchester, improving the applicant experience and significantly reducing the number of queries received by colleagues

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