Directorate for the Student Experience

Student Lifecycle Project Timeline

Design and Discovery (July 2017 – January 2018): During Design and Discovery over 450 professional services (PS) and academic colleagues from every Faculty, School and central service collaborated to identify around 4,000 processes that support the delivery of the student journey. They were challenged: in an ideal world, starting with a blank piece of paper, what would be the best way to deliver these processes? The result is a set of improvements that will make things better for students and simpler for staff.

Integration (January 2018 – March 2018): During Integration, the improvements identified across the student journey during Design and Discovery were brought together to check for any inconsistencies and overlaps. This involved running key user journeys – such as undergraduate, postgraduate taught, postgraduate research, distance/blended learning and PGCE – through the new processes, from pre-application to graduation.

Scope Update (February – March 2018): During Scope Update, senior PS and academic colleagues from across the University attended a series of interactive sessions where they were updated on the improvements SLP will deliver. Feedback from these sessions was captured and fed back to the design teams.

Development and Build (March 2018 – Summer 2019): The systems SLP will deliver, including Campus Solutions 9.2 (our student information system), Microsoft Dynamics (our CRM system), SiteCore (our digital platform,) and Webmethods (our integration technology), are being developed and built through a partnership between our IT Services and our partner’s Accenture.

Feed in to new management model for the DSE, and specific areas of the Faculties and Schools: As the IT systems entered development and build, focus turned to how outputs from the Student Lifecycle Project feed in to the new management model for the DSE, and specific areas of the Faculties and Schools.

My Manchester initial release (Q1 2019): The first release of the new My Manchester is expected to be launched in Q1 2019. Initially predominantly student-focused, this release will deliver the core elements of My Manchester that are required to start developing wider digital services, including improvements for staff, to launch alongside the release of the SLP.

Test, Migration and Training (Q1 2019): In early 2019, the newly built systems and services will be put through user acceptance testing and data will be migrated from old systems where necessary, in line with GDPR. This will be followed by a significant programme of digital training to ensure that all colleagues, including PS and academics, are confident with the University’s new systems. Crucially, our IT Services will benefit from a handover programme from our IT partner Accenture, building on our IT colleagues’ expert knowledge to enable them to support and maintain the new systems from launch.

Release (Q4 2019): The changes delivered by the Student Lifecycle Project will be release in Q4 2019, with some improvements being delivered sooner. Once the SLP has been released, we will have high quality systems, effective and efficient processes and a reliable online platform that can be easily updated in future. This will enable us to deliver an exceptional and highly personalised learning experience to all students, regardless of their mode of study.

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