Directorate for the Student Experience

SL9 - Student Life

Product Owner

Workstream Scope

  • Student Support
  • wellbeing work/initiatives
  • responsible for oversight of University wide initiatives such as Stellify (and component parts such as the Ethical Grand Challenges and PASS/Peer Mentoring)
  • approval of and administration of change of circumstances procedures and processes
  • responsible for access to and referral to pastoral care and support services
  • extra curriculum activities (e.g. volunteering)
  • advice and guidance -sign posting, finding ways around campus, local transport,
  • Residential/Off-campus Life - accommodation advice, complaints about anti-social behaviour, university approved landlords, sign posting towards preferred private accommodation
  • Careers
  • Occupational Health services [for students]
  • Counselling services [for students]
  • DASS - (Disability advice and support service) [for students]
  • Sport
  • use of attendance/engagement monitoring in support of academic advising
  • Fitness to Study/Fitness to Practise
  • Appeals and Complaints
  • Student Conduct and Discipline

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